Venus Fly Trap called MLM

This is my story, my opinions, my experience with Network Marketing. I will not be publishing name of Network Marketing companies or people who got me involved. I am respecting their privacy.

The Venus Flytrap called Network Marketing, Multi Level Marketing, Direct Selling……

The Venus trap got its name because the flowers are very pretty, it’s a death trap. The trap will close in less than a second. When it closes, it’s victim is locked in. Hence, Network Marketing Schemes.

The “trap” is highly skilled. They present you with the “Business Opportunity” like none other.

In their skill, they manipulate your mind, your beliefs….much like brainwashing tactics used in cults, Scientology, LSD, to name a few.

They have you believing anything/everything. They work you toward their trap. They make you believe you have found a community of loving, caring people. All on the same mission you are on. That you will be helping so many people. You have the same beliefs.

A community of positive people. Filled with healing stories, success stories. Amazing life changing experiences. How they are going to change the world. How they are in so many countries. How they are so different from the rest. How NOW is the time, get in before it explodes. There is no opportunity like this.

Excitement!!  Cheering!!! Being told how these stories are going to help you/others….how all your dreams will come true. How you will be able to help so many people.

My worst nightmare began in December 2018.

It has been a very painful experience.  So painful, I contemplated taking my own life. I have suffered panic attacks. Migraine headaches. I have had many sleepless nights. My soul has wept. I have cried so hard my eyes get swollen shut. I couldn’t eat. How could I have failed so bad? How could I have been manipulated the way I was? How could I have hurt the ones I love the most?  How could I have been so reckless with money? Others lives? How could I be so betrayed. I thought they cared about me. I thought they loved me. I trusted them. I believed I belonged. These feelings come in waves. You think you are getting better then you get hit again and again and again.

This company was initially introduced to me in 2015. At that time I put my hand up and said I want nothing to do with any of it.  In the early 2000’s I had signed up with another network marketing company. I did not agree with my upline, integrity and morals. This company was closed down for Pyramid Scheme. The claim was, it is, and always has been, an “illegal pyramid” scheme and is a “Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization.” They ALL are. They ALL are pyramid schemes. There is NOT one different from another.

There were a couple of others. I went no where with them. I did not realize the extent of Network Marketing schemes.

Many of the top people in the company I recently signed with, were part of a MLM shut down by FTC moved to the current one I signed with. They keep getting more skilled in their manipulation. Becoming a stronger community of venus fly traps. Their skill in brainwashing becomes perfected. The followers, are in the trap. They have you believe you will fulfill your dreams. Financial freedom.

The gal who was my “venus fly trap”, waited patiently.  I believed her, I trusted her. I loved her. We had been friends 20+ years. I believed she had my best interest. I believed she really wanted to help me. I believed her……What I have come to realize, she worked on me three years. This is probably one of the most difficult things I had to do. I broke our friendship/business ties. It broke my heart.

She took me to a “meeting”. My breath was taken away. My “what-if’s” started pouring thru my mind. Afterall, there was a doctor part of the team. They have a Wellness Council with “experts” in their field. Top doctors putting together the ingredients. A seal of approval that guarantees what they sell.Top certifications, clinical studies. I thought, “how can it be wrong”?  the presentation went on, they talked about all the certifications and awards the company and products had received. They talked about how these products are like no other. They talked about all the health issues they improve. I believed this is what I had been searching for. Afterall, I had poor health. Had been sick several years. When I called my friend….she said “we did not believe you would make it until the end of the year”. I was taken back by those words. I truly believed her. I believed she was saving my life.

Then…..they got to the money. How to move up the ranks and in three months you will be making about $14,000 a month. Six figures in 12 months. Just get four, have them get four…..No disclosures were presented or visible. I did not sign anything. The company’s user agreement with the policies and procedures was never shown to me. Or discussed at any of the training workshops, weekly meetings and zooms. Had the been disclosed from the start, it could have been a completely different story.

I wrote this in January 2019. I believed every word if it

What if YOU had all the wealth in the world?

What would YOU do?
             DREAM about it
                       VISION it
                                   Put YOUR mind there 🕵🏼‍♀️🧐

Now, if YOU had no health 😞🤮🤧
                                  how would YOU enjoy it? 🤷🏽‍♂️🚶🏿‍♀️🤦‍♀️🙇🏻‍♂️

If YOU could make ONE CHANGE
                                   what would that look like?🤔🤔🤔

NOW, picture YOUR health and YOUR dreams
                                   what does THAT look like?

At first, I was so excited to have this “new” community, supportive, all interested in health and nutrition……

I started up bi-weekly meetings/presentations in my area . Helped arrange to have corporate general manager come share his story, where the company is going.

Worked my way to director in 4.5 months. My director status came from ME purchasing product. I spent a fortune. Money we did not have. But believed with all my heart it would change. Buying product I thought I could retail. Nope, no one would buy. I discovered all the holes in their “money back guarantee”. I purchased to climb the ranks.

I did an initial figure on my EXPENSES ONLY. In four months it was close to $7000. I was paying THEM $10.33/hour for my dream, my wealth, my incredible business opportunity (This does not include cost to stay commission eligible, required fees, products purchased)

Part of their hook is all the certifications, clinical trials, PDR, consumer labs…….you are so excited you believe them, never checking.

They teach you how to come back with any objection someone might have. They teach you how to recruit, give you the words for presentations, teach you how to use social media, how to manipulate. Warm/cold calls.

When you start asking questions….it turns into a whole different story. They make you feel like you are not being loyal. You are not working hard enough, you do not believe.  It goes on and on.

They teach you…if you fail… are worthless. You did not work hard enough. You are not doing it right. After all, they had scripts to use for different prospects, a proven method for success. It is all your fault. You are shunned.  Your new community you believed, is gone.

When you believe you have failed, the carrot keeps dangling. They have programmed your mind for “what if”? What if I work harder or go to another company?  Or they get a new product, have a better compensation plan….or the other traps are hovering, waiting to catch you. Come our way, it is different. What if?

When I started talking about leaving, the top up-line blocked me (I had known for 17 years), others blocked me, I was removed from all the groups, several unfriended me. Several were people I believed were my friends..we had been friends for years. I was shunned. I had no idea our friendship revolved around the company and products.

There is no “get rich” quick plan. Network Marketing does not work. You are their customer, let me sat this again YOU ARE THEIR CUSTOMER.  You are paying them to be a representative/distributor. Do your homework. If you are presented with a Network Marketing opportunity, do not get caught up in the excitement. Tell them you will think about it. WALK AWAY. Do your research.

Very few people share their experiences when they try to escape the trap. They really believe they are a failure. They are embarrassed. They have damaged relationships, they spent crazy amounts of money. They feel shame. They have been brainwashed. Or threatened. The pain is unbearable. The shock of it all…..what did I do wrong. See…everyone is going to call you a failure. Or I told you so.

I believe it becomes an addiction. You hold on to the “what-if’s”, the “opportunities”. You want to believe them. Any addiction, you have to walk away. Turn your back to ALL of it. Break all ties with Network Marketing. These are some of the most difficult things to do. But, if you do not, they will continue to lure you into their trap. You will convince yourself this person did not do this on purpose. You will try to convince yourself of so many things.

The best solution, put up a wall with anything dealing with Direct Selling, Network Marketing, Multi Level Marketing…their products. Distributors. STAY AWAY FROM IT.

If you get caught in the Venus Fly Trap, GET OUT! Do not let them control you any longer.

Allow yourself to heal. Love yourself thru it. Reach out for help.

Share your story. The more truths told, hopefully you can prevent one person from experiencing all you did.

I am still in my healing journey. It will take time. I know I will heal from it.

The community of people who got involved with Network Marketing and stopped is HUGE. You are not alone. Talking about it helps healing. You realize the lies are global.

For me, I WILL NOT BE SILENT. The truth needs to come out.

These are some true truths I found. Knowledge is power. There are many more

The California Attorney General sued them for having lead in a couple of their products. They have different labels/claims on their products, it varies depending where the product is being shipped

Products sold in other countries have been banned and can only be used personally, no retail.

They threaten if you say anything, all the reviews on the company. They try to intimidate you to come back.


If it walks like a duck….quacks like a duck…..does not necessarily mean it is a duck!!!  There are so many things when considering supplements for your body. Many things are promoted has having all kinds of certifications, great ingredients…..but so many things are hidden. Do your homework, YOURSELF. Read labels for what is there AND what is not there. Knowledge is power!!!  I fell into a Venus flytrap of believing and trusting. Will NOT catch me again. Be YOUR own advocate. If it sells privately, i.e. not retail…with a big price…..with a program you have to buy into….a “special” members club………RUN!!!!!!!


My duck continues…..Ya know, knowledge is power. The nutrient, health supplement industry is flooded today. 100’s of Network Marketing, Direct Sales….whatever you want to call it.

Did you know Consumers Labs highest rated supplements are ones from Costco, health food stores, Walmart, ones that are sold retail, affordable.  Without the exorbitant price. MLM says they are cheap, well the “cheap” ones..they do not have a markup of around 400% or higher. They are sold that way because they can not be sold retail…. No one, in their right mind, would pay those kind of prices….think about it. It is all there.

They rave over having a Consumer Lab certification…..maybe if it were examined closer they would stop.

Remember the duck……this one walks and quacks….but IS NOT A DUCK.

It’s walking and quacking are lies, humiliation, shunning, blaming, stealing, hurting. No integrity or love has been honesty proclaimed.

Hold on to your “real ducks”, I am just getting started. Or we could refer to a wolf in sheeps skin.


If you had a company present a list of ingredients they would never put in a product. You purchase product from company and see many items on the list of ingredients they would never use. You have their doctor group members and wellness council members tell you to stay away from a new umbrella of products added……..they are changing the formula but have to be careful not to upset company purchased from.

They change presentation material, depending on groups, locations, people they will be presenting to. Things they do not want to disclose.

No preservatives (phenoxyenthanol), sulfates, fragrance/parfum, Phthalates, PEG Compounds, Formaldehyde, BHA/BHT, Colors and dyes, Amines, Siloxanes, Petrolatum, Talac.

They market a line of products that defutes their claims of ingredients they would never use.


Why would you trust someone who was a top leader with another networking marketing shut down by FTC for Pyramid scheme?  

Who was highly recognized by current network marketing company only to be shut out of a Partners Council? They are your advocate and mouthpiece to corporate. The Partners Council is the eyes and ears of the field and works hand in hand with corporate to collaborate and decide the future for reps.

Is this Integrity?